You asked: Is kcb investment legit?

A post shared on Facebook claiming to offer investment opportunities through the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Group is a HOAX. The fabricated post, originally written in Swahili, claims users can earn KSh 2,000 daily from an investment of KSh 10,000, and KSh 1,000 from an investment of KSh 5,000.

Quick Answer, how can I invest in KCB bank?

  1. Log into the Online NSE shares trading up.
  2. Add funds to your CDS account.
  3. Click buy Shares.
  4. Select KCB shares.
  5. Enter the quantity you need and set your preferred price limit.
  6. Confirm your order.

Also, how much do I need to open a KCB bank account?

  1. Opening balance – Kes 100.
  2. Minimum balance of Kes 100.
  3. Zero monthly fees.
  4. ATM withdrawal – Kes 30.
  5. Visa Debit Card at a one off fee of Kes 430.
  6. Over the counter withdrawal – Kes 200.

As many you asked, how can I sell my Safaricom shares? To sell your Safaricom shares, simply approach your stock broker and have them do it for you at the NSE (Nairobi Securities Exchange). You can even place the selling request online from the app or via email. That’s it, for now.

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Also know, is KCB bank a stock broker? KCB Capital’s Brokerage unit offers a wide array of products and services to suit both individuals’ and corporates’ investment and capital raising needs.KCB is the largest bank in Kenya by asset base, which makes the CIC MMF safe in terms of liquidity. Therefore, When deciding which Money Market Fund to invest in, you should focus more on who are the Custodians, Trustees and the auditor.

Is KCB an investment bank?

The story behind KCB Capital 2014 became a monumental year for KCB Capital, becoming fully licensed by the Capital Markets Authority to undertake investment banking activities and thereafter acquiring trading rights on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) in September.

Which bank is best for fixed deposit in Kenya?

  1. KCB Bank. KCB Bank has one of the most competitive fixed deposit rates for local and foreign currencies on various tenors, specific to your requirements.
  2. Cooperative Bank of Kenya.
  3. Equity Bank.
  4. ABSA.
  5. National Bank of Kenya.
  6. Family Bank.
  7. Standard Chartered.
  8. I&M Bank.

How do I qualify for a KCB loan?

  1. Valid Kenyan ID or passport.
  2. Recent original Payslips.
  3. Evidence of source of income for self-employed persons.
  4. Be an active KCB account holder for a minimum of 6 months.
  5. For credit card advance, possess a KCB financial card.

How do I withdraw money from my KCB account to M-Pesa?

  1. Dial *522# USSD code on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter your KCB Bank PIN and press okay.
  3. You will be directed to the Main Menu.
  4. Select MyKash option on the Menu and press okay.
  5. On the list of possibilities that will appear on MyKash, select MPESA option.
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What is Vooma KCB?

VOOMA is a mobile wallet service that enables you as a customer to Send money to other. VOOMA customers, and other mobile wallets(M-PESA and T-Kash )bank account and much more. VOOMA will also offer savings and loans.. 2.

Who owns KCB Bank Kenya?

The government of Kenya bought a 60% stake in National & Grindlays Bank and took full control of it in 1970; renaming it Kenya Commercial Group. It was renamed KCB Bank Kenya after a corporate restructure. KCB Bank Kenya is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the KCB Group. Its head office is in Nairobi, Kenya.

Is KCB Bank International?

Present in over 200 countries and available in over 500,000 locations around the globe transacting in over 130 currencies. This partnership ensures you can send and receive money from anywhere in the world into your KCB bank account or at any of our KCB branches.

How many KCB branches are there in Kenya?

Transact conveniently at over 200 branches countrywide.

How much money do I need to buy Safaricom shares?

Requirements: Purchase a minimum of 500 shares at 52.5ksh. proof of payment. A Chama, a self-help group, an investment company and a Sacco.

Can you invest in Safaricom?

You can buy Safaricom shares by placing a manual order with your broker (you may need to pay them a visit) or online via the app/online shares trading platform provided by your broker. The shares you purchase will reflect in your CDSC account after 1 or 2 days.

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How much do you earn from Safaricom shares?

44.90 per share as at close of business. The rate of dividends has been on a rising trend since its inception. The first declared dividends were in 2009 at 0.10% per share and Safaricom has been declaring dividends every year ever since.

How do I open a CDC account in Kenya?

  1. Print the appropriate mandate card and fill out your details.
  2. Attach a recently taken coloured passport size photograph and a copy of investor’s.
  3. Kenyan National Identity Card (ID) or Passport.
  4. Have the filled in CDS mandate card certified by your Commercial bank.

Which is the best stock broker in Kenya?

  1. NCBA Capital Limited.
  2. Genghis Capital Ltd.
  3. KCB Capital Group.
  4. Kingdom Securities Limited.
  5. Standard Investment Bank.
  6. Dyer and Blair Investment Bank.
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