Who are the new investors?


Aged under 35 and with a more feminine profile than traditional investors, newcomers to the equity markets are, according to an AMF study*, “confident in the evolution of their own financial situation” (increase of the confidence score of +4% in 1 year). This confidence in the future pushes them to invest in products that expose them to significant risk-taking.

However, these new investors very often do not have the financial knowledge necessary to apprehend the financial markets as they should.
In this context, how can these new investors be best supported? Bourse Direct has always offered investors free training on the stock market, allowing them to acquire techniques, both on the basic principles and on more advanced concepts.
Online guides are also available on the Bourse Direct website for free access.

Personalized coaching is then offered to interested parties to deepen their knowledge, but also to discover their investor profile and the trading techniques adapted to their needs.


In 2021, the proportion of households saving regularly has increased: nearly 9 out of 10 French people say they save regularly or occasionally*. This renewed interest in savings may be linked to the increase in the proportion of individuals wishing to set aside in order to meet any unforeseen expenses.

Retirement is also one of the topics of concern to working people today, with more than 4 out of 10 working people indicating that they are saving specifically for their old age.

To this end, Bourse Direct has developed a savings center to meet the wealth and tax optimization needs of investors. Support and advice are at the heart of the service offer. Customers can regularly meet up with their advisers during dedicated webinars, in order to learn more about the solutions adapted to their project.

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The French save and even feel concerned more and more. The digitization of placement offers should not exclude support and advice from professionals in the sector.

*Sources: AMF study, November 2021 – retail investors and their activity since the Covid crisis: younger, more numerous and attracted by new players and AMF 2021 Savings and Investment Barometer (5th edition )

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