Question: What is opay investment platform?

OPAY INVESTMENT NIGERIA LTD. The Opay is an investment where you donate and earn x2 of whatever you donate in 35-45minutes of time.

Beside above, is OPay cash investment real? *This investment Platform is a company duely registered under the Coporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and certified fraud free to do business in Nigeria by the Economic Financial Crimes… The company takes pride in the fact that it stands out amongst other network marketing companies. …

You asked, how does OPay investment works? OWealth is a Savings and investment platform built into the OPay App that enable you save part or all of your OPay fund to get an annual interest. … OWealth investment avenue allows investors to save any amount of money. You can go the full year or more or you can withdraw your money at any time.

People ask also, what is OPay platform? OPay is designed to make financial services more accessible to everyday customers –– whether it’s for the bills they have to pay, or the transfer & withdrawal of money; OPay‘s a platform that truly serves its users in the most convenient way. Website Company size 201-500 employees.

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Quick Answer, who is the owner of OPay in Nigeria? Africa’s Unicorn “We want to be the power that helps emerging markets achieve faster economic development,” Opay CEO, Yahui Zhou speaking with Bloomberg.Our businesses are licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria – like any established financial institution – and OPay is today one of the leading Fintechs in Nigeria.”

Is Piggyvest legit?

All Piggyvest user funds remain safe and secure as always. No user fund don experience any loss of any kind, and dem no go experience anything like dat”, Piggy Vest tok.

Is investing safe?

All investments are held in safe custody by a licensed securities custodian which protects all investments. We are protected by the Securities & Exchange Commission. We aren’t rigid with our investment options. It doesn’t matter who you bank with, you can access our product offerings.

Can I trust OPay?

We want all our customers to know that OPay remains their trusted financial partner. Our platform has a robust and tested infrastructure to keep their funds safe and secured at all times, and no funds can be moved without confidential information such as passwords or OTP on our platform.

Is OPay a bank?

OPay is a Fintech company that facilitates mobile transactions through the use of its mobile app. You can recharge your airtime, transfer cash to other users, pay your bills, withdraw money into your bank account and do many other things with OPay.

How do I transfer money from OPay to bank account?

  1. Tap on the transfer button.
  2. Tap send.
  3. Select bank.
  4. fill your account details.
  5. Select the amount you desire to transfer.
  6. Hit done and your cash will be transferred from your OPay wallet to your bank account.
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How much does OPay charge per transaction?

5 for every transaction. OPay’s N10 transaction fee was the main reason many people opt to use it for funds transfer. But now, that advantage is gone. With the introduction of the 1% fee, it is now more expensive to make funds transfer from OPay than doing so with regular banking apps.

Is OPay a Microfinance Bank?

OPay, which has a microfinance bank (MFB) licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), becomes the second largest bank in Nigeria in view of its $2 billion market valuation and giving it 33 percent of the market valuation of top Tier 1 banks.

Who are the founders of OPay?

“We want to be the power that helps emerging markets reach a faster economic development,” said Zhou Yahui, founder and chief executive of OPay, in the statement. Zhou also founded Chinese gaming company Beijing Kunlun Tech Co Ltd (300418.SZ), which was once the owner of the popular dating app Grindr.

Who is the managing director of OPay?

OPay has appointed Olu Akanmu, a former FCMB Executive Director for Retail Banking, as the new president and co-CEO of its Nigerian division.

How old is OPay?

OPay has been operating since 2010 in the pouch of PayCom Nigeria Limited—a mobile money platform incubated by Telnet (Nigeria) Limited. After operating for seven years, Opera indicated interest in acquiring PayCom in 2017.

Is OPay available in USA?

The partnership between OPay and WorldRemit will provide Nigerians with a fast, easy and more affordable way to receive money from over 50 countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada directly into their mobile phones.

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Can I receive money from abroad to my OPay account?

Nigerians will be able to transfer and receive money directly into their OPay mobile wallets from over 50 countries worldwide. According to Opay’s Director of Remittance Service, Mr Kunle Olamuyiwa, the service is ready to launch in September and it will be affordable.

Does Transferwise use 2021 in Nigeria?

It is available worldwide. And through it, you can send money from almost every country to Nigeria without stress. Perhaps, the most outstanding thing about Transferwise is that it is many times cheaper than a bank. Yes, sending money through transferwise has been proven to be many times cheaper than a regular bank.

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