Frequent question: What is wrong with wazobia investment?

Currently there are over 700k registered members in WAZOBIA INVESTEMENT. A time will come when there will be a massive demand for cash from the system. The system will CRASH even before then. WAZOBIA WOULD CRASH BY OCTOBER,2020.

People ask also, how legit is wazobia investment? Wazobia investment provides a proven and secure platform for its investors. … “You will get profit of 50% ROI in 3 days on your first Investment and subsequently get 50% in 7 days!” Our interest was piqued because scams and ponzi schemes typically promise high returns on investment with little or no risk.

You asked, what do I need to know about wazobia investment? Wazobia Investment company is an investment platform in Nigeria which helps the members in Nigeria earn money by investing. It includes a team of professionals in trading and investments, specializing in cryptocurrency, binary options, currencies, gold, silver and oil trading and importation.

Also the question is, what is wazobia? Wazobia is made up of three words, each of which means ‘come’ in Yoruba (wa), Hausa (zo) and Igbo (bia), Nigeria’s three largest linguistics groups. It is a popular pidginized reference to Nigeria’s indigenous languages, clothing, foods, and culture in general, viewed as one indivisible whole.

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Similarly, how do I register on wazobia investment? To register on Wazobia cash, simply visit the online registration portal www. wazobia. cash to register and activate your account. Once registration and activation is done, you can then invest any amount you want on the Wazobia cash platform.

Who is the owner of wazobia?

Tatiana Moussalli Nouri is the CEO for Wazobia TV and Wazobia Max TV based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also the Deputy Group Managing Director of AIM Group, a multidisciplinary group that offer services in Architecture and Engineering Services, Broadcasting, Communications and Hospitality.

Who is Chinedu Ani?

Nedu Wazobia (born Chinedu Ani Emmanuel) is a Nigerian on-air personality, broadcast journalist, TV presenter, actor, comedian and content creator. He is famous for adding a unique spin to his pidgin rendition of the daily news on popular radio station Wazobia FM 94.1 Lagos.

Where is Alhaji Musa from?

Dateline Nigeria reports that Alhaji Musa (real name Chinedu Ani Emmanuel) is an on-air-personality with the Lagos-based Wazobia FM. Also known as Nedu Wazobia, the Kaduna-born entertainer mimicks Hausa accent with his pidgin and features busty women in his videos.

Is NEDU wazobia FM married?

Nedu claimed his marriage has been dissolved but his estranged wife has challenged him to produce the divorce papers. Nedu and Ohiri wedded in 2013 but their marriage crashed in 2018. The union produced three children.

Is akas Baba still with Wazobia FM?

Akas Baba was freed on Thursday. The Rivers State Police Command has confirmed the release of Anthony Akatakpo, a staff of Cool/Wazobia FM station, Port Harcourt. Mr. … “I am happy to inform you that my husband, Anthony Akatakpo, alias Akas Baba, has regained his freedom.

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Who is akas Baba?

Anthony Akatakpo popularly known as Diplomatic Akasbaba is a multi-talented award winning comedian, presenter, showbiz promoter, compere, famous for his life rejuvenating, comic-rich show ‘Morning Runs’ Naija fm portharcourt 92.7. Anthony Akatakpo Akasbaba is from Agbarho town, ughelli LGA in Delta State, Nigeria.

Which state is expensive of Wazobia FM from?

Conversation. James Emmanuel a.k.a Expensive of Wazobia FM Abuja is actually from Rivers state. He once slept and hawked on the streets of Port-Harcourt.

Who is the owner of Coolfm?

The owner of Cool FM is Amin Moussalli, a Lebanese businessman. This radio station has an impressive achievement – it was the first in Nigeria that does its programs in Pidgin English.

How many radio station do we have in Nigeria?

“Today, there are a total of 625 functional broadcast stations in Nigeria,” Ilelah stated.

Is Coal City University a private university?

Coal City University (CCU) is a private, non-profit co-educational university in southeastern Nigeria. It is located in the city of Enugu, the capital and largest city of Enugu State.

Who is the owner of Coal City University?

Sir Chinedu Ani is the Chancellor and promoter of Coal City University and the Executive Director of the ATCOI College of Education. He is an entrepreneur of sterling character and an eminent individual who has exhibited true distinction in business and philanthropy.

Who is the founder of Coal City University?

Stan Ani, a man of lively imagination, conceived the idea to establish Coal City University to make world-class education accessible in Nigeria and the West African region. He invited like minds to support him in establishing a university of first choice for people seeking academic excellence and self-actualisation.

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Who is NEDU wife?

Nedu and Uzoamaka marry for 2013 and born 3 pikins, 2 girls and one son.

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